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100 Life Goals Examples & How to Set Them

Your dreams take many forms, and often they’re goals that you want to achieve. These goals can become life goals, which are often ways to reach success you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not always easy balancing life goals with other things you want to accomplish, but with enough effort and focus, you can make it happen.

Let’s dive into what life goals are, examples and how you can achieve them.

  1. Whether you want to change your life or just change your day-to-day, setting life goals can help.

    Here are our favorite life goal tips and examples from your friends at American Family Insurance.

    Life goals are all the things you want to accomplish in life.

    Whether they’re big and challenging or smaller and personal, setting life goals can give you a sense of purpose as you move through life.

    And as you work toward your goals you may notice other benefits, too, such as new skills, better focus, less procrastination and a more positive mindset.

    So what do life goals look like?

    Only you can decide which life goals are right for you. But here’s some common themes to help get your ideas flowing.

    Some life goals are health goals, like running a marathon, climbing a mountain or practicing yoga. Or they can be career goals, such as starting your own business, getting a big promotion or planning a well-earned retirement.

    They could also be educational, like graduating from college, getting an advanced degree or learning a new skill like how to code.

    Sometimes, they’re financial goals, including doubling your income, learning to invest in the stock market or paying off your student loans.

    Many life goals focus on big milestones, such as finding a lifelong partner, buying a new car or building your dream home. Or maybe they’re more adventurous like seeing the Northern Lights, skydiving or traveling to a new country.

    So now that we’ve covered what life goals are, it’s time to think about how to pursue them.

    Here’s an easy five-step process to get started.

    First, decide which goal you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to set multiple goals at once.

    Next, write your goals down. Seeing them in writing can make them feel more real.

    Then, tell someone about your goals. Share your excitement with the world, and you might find a friend who can help you achieve your goals.

    Next, outline the steps you’re going to take to achieve your goals. Be sure to describe what success looks like for each step.

    Finally, if you have a goal that seems extra big and ambitious, consider breaking it down into smaller objectives. You’ll be amazed at how far you’ll get when looking at your large goal as many tasks.

    Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to get started. With enough motivation, focus and hard work, you can make your life goals a reality.

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What Are Life Goals?

Life goals are all the things you want to accomplish in your life. Often your life goals are very meaningful to you and can make a lasting impact on your life. They can be large and challenging goals, or they can be smaller and more personal. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

Why Are Life Goals Important?

Setting life goals can help shape your future. By working hard to accomplish them, they can really help you to find the long-term happiness and success you’ve been seeking. Life goals are important because they can also help you:

  • Improve your focus
  • Master certain skills
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Gain a more positive mindset

100 Life Goals Ideas

Life goals come in all shapes and sizes. While your life goals will be personal to you, there are several common life goals many people share. To help you think of your own, here are 100 life goal ideas to consider: 

  1. Become an inspiration to others
  2. Master a difficult skill 
  3. Become a thought leader in your industry
  4. Get promoted to an executive role at your company 
  5. Learn about how to become a millionaire
  6. Go on a trip around the world
  7. Travel to your dream country 
  8. Double your personal income 
  9. Publish a novel 
  10. Take a motorcycle trip 
  11. Volunteer at a hospital when it’s safe to do so 
  12. Run in a marathon 
  13. Get six-pack abs 
  14. Achieve zero debt 
  15. Invest in the stock market 
  16. Drive or buy your dream car 
  17. See one of the Seven Wonders of the World 
  18. Plan for your retirement 
  19. Graduate from college 
  20. Learn to fluently speak a foreign language 
  21. Meditate daily 
  22. Donate to a charity annually
  23. Have a long-term relationship 
  24. Climb a mountain 
  25. Learn how to surf 
  26. Master a musical instrument 
  27. Learn how to rock climb 
  28. Live in a foreign country 
  29. Drink enough water everyday 
  30. Give up junk food for a year 
  31. Paint a picture 
  32. Craft something using pottery skills 
  33. Master ballroom dancing 
  34. Compose a song 
  35. Maintain your ideal body weight 
  36. Get paid doing what you’re passionate about 
  37. Find your life partner 
  38. Learn how to prepare healthy meals 
  39. Learn how to lift weights and build muscle 
  40. Regularly call your parents
  41. Create multiple income sources 
  42. Keep a life journal
  43. Go deep sea fishing
  44. Buy your first house 
  45. Build your dream house 
  46. Go skydiving 
  47. Go hang gliding
  48. Ride in a hot air balloon 
  49. Snorkel in the ocean 
  50. Climb on a glacier 
  51. Go whitewater rafting 
  52. See your favorite football team play at their stadium when it’s safe to do so 
  53. Go to the Olympics 
  54. Get a hole-in-one while golfing 
  55. Golf 18 holes under par 
  56. Assemble a collection of your favorite books or artwork 
  57. Run a six-minute mile 
  58. Declutter your home 
  59. Appear on a podcast 
  60. Read two books every month 
  61. Leave a financial inheritance 
  62. Trace your ancestry and visit their country of origin 
  63. Try a vegan diet for a month 
  64. See your favorite musician in concert as often as you can 
  65. Create a new family tradition 
  66. Maintain a healthy work-life balance 
  67. Start an online business 
  68. Celebrate your relationship anniversaries 
  69. Meet an athlete or celebrity you admire 
  70. Practice gratitude everyday 
  71. Start a small business 
  72. See the ball drop in person on New Year’s Eve when it’s safe to do so 
  73. Adopt and care for your dream pet 
  74. Give up drinking soda 
  75. Witness the Northern Lights 
  76. Watch a volcano erupt (from a safe distance!)
  77. Go to Mardi Gras 
  78. Develop a good credit score 
  79. Learn self-defense 
  80. See your doctor and dentist regularly 
  81. Always say “yes” to trying new, positive things 
  82. Learn yoga 
  83. Expand your vocabulary 
  84. Participate in a recreational sports league 
  85. Grow a thriving garden 
  86. Go on a electronics-free camping trip 
  87. Write a movie script or TV episode 
  88. Learn how to sing 
  89. Make your own website 
  90. Become a venture capitalist 
  91. Sponsor a child in need 
  92. Go on a cross-country road trip 
  93. Pay off your student loans sooner than later 
  94. Learn how to code 
  95. Improve your drawing skills 
  96. Give up TV for a week 
  97. Spend a full day at the spa 
  98. Go on a solo vacation
  99. Throw friends a surprise party 
  100. Learn how to knit or sew

How to Set Your Life Goals

Your life goals are personal to you. By no means do you need to have 100! Instead choose as many as you want to accomplish. Here’s an easy way to set your life goals so you can start working towards achieving them: 

  1. Decide which goal you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to set multiple life goals at once. 
  2. Write your life goals down. This way you’ll be more likely to remember each one. 
  3. Tell someone about your goals. They may be able to help you complete them! 
  4. Outline steps to complete your life goals. Be sure to map out what needs to be done to consider each goal reached as best you can. 
  5. If you have big and ambitious goals, consider breaking them down into smaller goals to achieve first. 

Create SMART Life Goals

Another great way to set your life goals and make a clear path to achieving them is SMART goal setting. SMART is a methodology where you map out a clear path to achieving your goals by using this acronym: 

S – Specific: What you want to accomplish, when you want to achieve it and why it’s important. 

M – Measurable: How you can measure progress to successfully complete your goal? 

A – Achievable: What skills you need to complete your goal and how you can learn these skills? 

R – Relevant: The reason why you are setting this goal now and if it aligns with other goals. 

T – Time-Sensitive: Your deadline and how realistically you can complete your goal. 

By using this acronym, you can ask yourself questions about your goal and how you can reach it. Write out these questions using a worksheet like this and you’ll have a strong blueprint for meeting your life goals head-on. Learn more about SMART goals and how they can help you achieve your dreams.

Work Toward Your Life Goals Today

Now that you have some ideas for life goals and the know-how to set them, it’s time to get started. With enough motivation, focus and hard work, you can make your life-long goals a reality.

Do you have more dreams you want to pursue? Join the dream movement today — we’ve got more tips and resources to help guide and support you and your family along any dream pursuit.

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