Understanding My Bill

Understanding Your Bill

Updated September 4, 2018 . AmFam Team

Ready to increase your level of confidence in your insurance policy? Get the tools to understand your bill from the inside out with this helpful guide.
  1. Payment information. The minimum amount due is the amount you must pay each month to avoid a late fee or a lapse in coverage. You can pay more than the minimum amount due, but if you pay less, you must make the full minimum payment by the due date to avoid any fees or penalties. Your minimum amount due is owed on the due date. When you sign up for My Account, you can select a reminder for 3-7 days before your bill is due so you avoid lapsing your coverage.
  2. Account balance. Your account balance is the remaining amount you owe for your policy period. You can pay this balance off at any time or choose to make monthly payments.
  3. Make a payment. When it comes to payments, we make it easy for you — make your payment online, over the phone, by mail or download our mobile app for simplicity and convenience!
  4. Insured items. A list of the items included in your account.
  5. Policy term. These dates inform you when your policy starts and ends. Near the end of your policy period, we’ll remind you to reinstate your policy, if you choose, so you don’t go a day without coverage.
  6. Minimum payment. The minimum amount you must pay to avoid a late fee, lapse in coverage or cancellation of your policy.
  7. Account balance. The amount remaining that you owe for your policy period. You can pay this off whenever you choose or continue making the minimum payments due.
  8. Previous balance. Your balance as of the previous month.
  9. Current balance. Current account balance as of the date listed.
  10. Payment received. Date your payment was received and the amount that was received.
  11. Fee information. You may receive a fee for making late payments or if your payment not honored by your financial institution.
  12. Payment mailing address. If you prefer paying by check, send your payment to this address. Or make things easier on yourself by downloading the MyAmFam app — it's the quickest and easiest way to pay your insurance policy, access your insurance cards, get roadside assistance and much more.
  13. Personal information change. Did you move? Get a new number? Receive a new last name? You can make changes to your personal information here.

Paying Your Bill, Your Way

We know your life is busy, that’s why we offer so many ways to pay your bill. Here are a few options to consider:

Online billing. Sign up for My Account and conveniently pay your bill online. But that’s not all! With My Account, you’ll be able to access your policy documents, billing statements, proof of insurance, report a claim and much more!

Automatic payments. Have payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account when you sign up for automatic payments.

Make a one-time payment. Use a checking account or debit/credit card and make a one-time payment. You can even earn a discount for paying in full!

Pay by phone. Call 1-866-424-8002 and pay by phone using a checking, savings or debit/credit card.

Pay by check. Mail a check with the return envelope in your billing statement or drop it off at your agent’s office.

Still have questions about your bill or confused about which billing option is best for you? Your agent is ready to help you with any concerns you might have.

Understanding Your Insurance Bill

Let’s be honest. Your billing statement is probably not the most exciting piece of mail you receive each month. But it is one of the most useful, if you know what you’re looking at. Here at American Family Insurance, we’re all about giving you the tools you need to understand your policy — inside and out. We’ve created this guide to help explain the elements of your statement and help you find the information you need. That way, you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence you need when it comes to your coverages.

Enlarge the billing statement below and hover over the numbers to discover more about each piece of your statement.

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