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Understanding Your Car Insurance Coverage Options

When it comes to your car insurance, you deserve more than a card tucked in your glove box — that’s why our car insurance goes beyond a piece of paper or app to give you smart, customized coverage and real peace of mind.

No matter how your life changes, you can feel confident you’ll have the right auto protection and support every step of the way.

Not sure how much or what type of coverage is right for you? An American Family Insurance agent is the perfect person to talk to. Find your agent today.

Vehicle Insurance Requirements by State

Did you know that each state has different requirements for their car coverages? Whether you’re moving and want a new car insurance quote, curious about the different car insurance laws by state or just want to stay in the know — we’ve got state by state car insurance information you need.

Take a look at our Car Insurance & Car Insurance Requirements by State page to discover what’s necessary for car insurance in your state.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements by State

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Looking to Save With a Car Insurance Discount?

From safe driving and bundling your policies, to adopting smart technology — we want to reward your smart decisions and help you save with our large variety of discounts.

How Car Insurance Coverages Work

Car insurance can help protect your finances from expensive repairs or even the replacement of your vehicle in the event of a covered total loss. Here’s how it works: decide on coverages and pay your premium — you’ll be protected. These car insurance coverages can protect your car, you and your passengers if medical care is needed, and with liability coverage, they can even help to protect your savings. How does liability auto insurance work? Read on!

Types of Car Insurance Coverages

At American Family Insurance, we’re about customizing your car coverage to meet your unique needs. Take a look at your options to start building a personalized policy that fits your life.

Car Protection Coverages - We Protect Your Wheels

Collision Coverage

Were you T-boned, rear-ended or side-swiped in a car accident? Or did you do the same to someone else’s vehicle? This protects you against collision or rollover damages, no matter who caused the accident.

Learn more about Collision Coverage


Comprehensive Coverage

This covers you for damage caused by accidents that don’t involve colliding with another vehicle or object — hail damage, fire, flooding, theft, vandalism, collisions with animals, etc.

Learn more about Comprehensive Coverage >

Discount Coverages - We Protect Your Wallet

Property Damage Liability

Property Damage Liability Coverage

Did your car damage someone else’s property — like their car or mailbox? This helps cover it.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

If you caused a car accident that hurts someone, this helps cover their injuries. It also helps protect you if you're sued.

Learn more about Bodily Injury Liability >

Personal Protection Coverages - We Protect Your Well-Being

Medical Expense

Medical Expense Coverage

If you were injured in a car accident, this coverage helps pay for medical care for you and your passengers, regardless of who is at fault.

Learn more about Medical Expense Coverage >

Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

This coverage helps reimburse you and your passengers for lost income and medical or child-care costs, no matter who is at fault.

Other Protection Coverages - We Protect Your Peace of Mind

Gap Coverage

Gap Coverage

Depreciation can create a gap between what your car is worth and what you owe. This add-on helps pay the difference if you have a total loss.

Learn more about Gap Coverage >

Underinsured Motorist Protection

Underinsured Motorist Protection Coverage

This coverage helps pay when another driver causes more damage than his or her insurance covers.

Learn more about Underinsured Motorist Protection >

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Car down for the count after an accident? This coverage helps pay for a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop.

Learn more about Rental Reimbursement Coverage >

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured Motorist Protection Coverage

This coverage protects you if you’re injured in an accident and the other driver is uninsured. It also protects you if you’re the victim of a hit-and-run or hit as a pedestrian.

Learn more about Uninsured Motorist Protection >

Emergency Road Service

Emergency Road Service Coverage

With the MyAmFam app, this inexpensive add-on to your auto insurance is just a tap away, getting you back on the road fast. You can also give us a call at 1-800-MYAMFAM (692-6326) to help you get you back on the road.

Learn more about Emergency Road Service >


Accidental death and dismemberment

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage

This coverage helps pay in the event of death or certain injuries caused when a vehicle has been struck — regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

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Save on Auto When you Bundle

Bundling takes the stress out of managing multiple plans. Customers who bundle their auto and home insurance policies save up to 23% on both policies together.*

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Finding the right coverage for your car is important. To build the right auto policy, you need answers to the right questions. View all car insurance FAQs.

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*Customers who bundle auto and home insurance policies may save up to 23% on both policies together (as of October 2021). Discounts may vary by state, property, policy form and company underwriting the auto and/or home policy. Discounts may not apply to all coverages on an auto or property policy.


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