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Top Reasons Your Trips Aren’t Being Recorded

Having trouble recording your trips with the KnowYourDrive Smartphone app? We've highlighted some things you can try to get you back to safe driving and savings!

The App May Not Have Been Installed on Your Phone

When you signed up for the KnowYourDrive program you should have received an invitation to download the app. The app must be downloaded and installed to your smartphone to be able to record driving trips. Please make sure to download and install the app within the first 28 days of signing up for the program so you don’t miss out on your introductory discount!

To download the app now follow the links for your operating systems:

Permissions May Not Be Properly Set

For the app to work, certain permissions must be set. Your trips won’t be recorded if the app doesn’t know where you are or when you’re moving.


To get to this screen, go to Settings > KnowYourDrive. Change the following:

  • Location (Always)
  • Allow Motion and Fitness

For the best performance, it's recommended to allow Bluetooth, Cellular Data and Background App Refresh.

If Motion & Fitness does not appear on the KnowYourDrive settings go to Settings>Privacy>Motion & Fitness. Verify the “Fitness Tracking” is toggled and then toggle on KnowYourDrive.


To get to this screen, go to Settings > Apps > KnowYourDrive > Permissions.

(If the KnowYourDrive app is not visible, you may need to tap the Menu icon and select Show system apps. )

Change the following:

  • Activate Location
  • Activate Phone
  • Activate Physical Activity

In addition, some Android based phones may automatically use battery optimization in certain circumstances which may impact permissions.
To address this issue go to Settings > Apps and tap the Menu icon in the upper right of the screen to find the Special Access button. You can then tap the drop down menu to find the KnowYourDrive app and make sure that battery optimization is turned off. 

*This guide is based on instructions for a Samsung Galaxy phone. Paths may vary for different Android devices.


Your Phone Is Offloading or Putting the App to Sleep

Different operating systems have methods of identifying ways to turn off apps that are running in the background. If a phone has certain settings enabled, KnowYourDrive may automatically be turned off due to the way your operating system works. Make sure to check your settings to make sure this isn't happening. Here's how:


Go to Settings > App Stores

At the bottom of the screen you should see an option "Offload Unused Apps". Make sure this is not active.


Go to Settings > App power management

Deactivate the following:

  • Put unused apps to sleep
  • Auto disable unused apps

You may also want to check to make sure KnowYourDrive is not selected in the list of Sleeping apps.


You’re Logged Out of the App

You may have logged out of the app temporarily and forgot to log back in. Make sure you log back into the app so we can help you track your driving habits so you can KnowYourDrive!

Your Phone Number Is Incorrect or Has Changed

Either login to your My Account to update your phone number, or reach out to your local agent to correct the phone number. Once we update your enrollment we can get you back on track to KnowYourDrive!

If you're still experiencing issues, contact the KnowYourDrive Support Center at 1-800-692-6326 ext. 79510 or They'll be happy to help get you set up.