How does MilesMyWay work?

MilesMyWay is our pay-as-you-drive program that empowers you to earn savings based on how many miles you drive. If you drive less than 8,000 miles a year, you can earn up to 25% savings each month. This means you'll only pay based on your actual mileage.

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Sign Up

Contact your local American Family Insurance agent to join the program.

Add the Sensor to Your Car

Once enrolled, we’ll send you a small sensor that goes inside your car. It’s easy to install, and you won’t need to plug it in.

Get the App

Download the MyAmFamDrive app and register your account. Then, connect your sensor(s) to the app. Once paired, the app will automatically track your mileage through the sensor.
MilesMyWay Driving Program

MilesMyWay Driving Program

MilesMyWay is our mileage-based program that lets you personalize what you pay based on how many miles you drive. By driving less, you can save up to 25% per month so you’ll only pay what’s fair, based on your actual mileage.*

MilesMyWay may be a good fit for you if you:

Mobile phone

Explore the Smartphone App

You can use our MyAmFamDrive app to track your savings with the MilesMyWay program. Take a quick tour of the app to see how it puts you in charge of your auto insurance.
Pro Tip
Have more questions about MilesMyWay? You can reach out to your local agent. You can also contact us at or call at 1-800-MYAMFAM ext. 71225
Easy Savings

Easy Savings Visuals

In the app, you can view your savings for each trip so you’ll know how much you are saving.

Keep Track of Mileage

Keep Track of Your Mileage

The app includes your real-time mileage and the days remaining in your current billing cycle.

Trip history

Trip History

Each trip is logged with details including your path, miles driven, and the duration of the trip.

How to Earn Savings with MilesMyWay

Drive this many miles in a month

You may earn these savings in a month

Drive 0 to 167 miles
Drive 168 to 250 miles
Drive 251 to 33 miles
Drive 334 to 417 miles
Drive 418 to 500 miles
Drive 501 to 583 miles
Drive 584 to 667 miles
Drive more than 667 miles*

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