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Manufactured Home Coverages

Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Insurance

You work hard for your home and everything inside it — and that’s worth protecting. That’s why we provide the customized mobile and manufactured home coverage you need to protect what matters most. Not sure how much or what type of homeowners coverage is right for you? An American Family Insurance agent has answers to all your manufactured and mobile home insurance questions.

Mobile and Manufactured Home Insurance Coverage

Our mobile and manufactured home insurance helps provide a broad level of protection for you and your home. It protects your mobile home’s structure and personal property, as well as offering liability coverage to help protect against lawsuits.

Mobile and manufactured homeowners can get coverage for the following:

Added Mobile Homeowners Coverage, Extra Peace of Mind

Your house can be more than just your home — and whether it serves as your office, your studio or even your school, you can add extra protection to your mobile or manufactured home with additional coverage.

Matching Siding Endorsement

If only a portion of your mobile or manufactured home is damaged by a storm, you won’t have to worry about having mismatched vinyl or metal siding. Learn more about mismatched siding coverage.

Structure coverage

Do you have a shed? Ask your agent about how you can protect it and other buildings on your property with other structures coverage.

Trip Collision Coverage

Moving? This added protection will cover any damages to your mobile or manufactured home as its being transported to greener pastures.

Coverage for Hidden Water Damage

A standard mobile or manufactured home policy normally doesn’t protect you from many types of water damage — including hidden water leaks. Adding Hidden Water Damage coverage provides a wider breadth of protection for water damage that sneaks up and causes expensive damage to your home. 

Diminishing Deductible Coverage for Mobile and Manufactured Homes

When you have a mobile or manufactured home insurance claim, you’ll have to pay a deductible before your insurance covers the costs of the repairs or replacement costs. At American Family Insurance, we know that a deductible isn’t always the easiest thing to pay after an unexpected event. But with our Diminishing Deductible, we hope to ease that burden by offering a way to reduce your deductible amount. Here’s how it works:

Earn Credit Immediately

We’ll credit your deductible $100* day one. Let’s say you have a $1,000 deductible. Good news — it just dropped to $900.

Watch Your Deductible Diminish

Your deductible will continue to reduce each year at policy renewal, up to your policy’s maximum limit, as long as you maintain your policy with us.

Savings When You Need It

If you have a claim, you’ll pay a reduced deductible amount thanks to your Diminishing Deductible coverage. Your deductible then resets, so you’ll go right back to earning a reduced deductible amount.

Learn more about Diminishing Deductible coverage >

Have Questions About Mobile and Manufactured Home Insurance? We Have Answers.

American Family Insurance goes above and beyond to give you the peace of mind you need to protect your dreams. Your American Family Insurance agent will work with you to identify what coverage will help you better protect your property, belongings and financial well-being. We’ll even review some options that could lead to manufactured home insurance discounts for you!

For more information, see our Mobile and Manufactured Home Insurance FAQ section.

  1. Homes come in all shapes and sizes. Your factory-built home is different than a site-built home, but it deserves the same commitment to protection. That’s why we offer mobile and manufactured homeowners insurance. 

    It’s insurance that protects your belongings and everything that matters most to you. Your manufactured homeowners policy will be specially crafted to fit your unique needs and protect your home and all the dreams that come with it.

  2. A key to understanding the difference between a mobile home vs. a manufactured home and a modular home lies in their construction.

    Although they all are built off-site in a facility designed for home-building, modular homes tend to be built with the highest quality materials. Manufactured homes are usually less energy efficient than modular and built of less expensive construction materials. 

    Mobile homes are typically mounted above-grade, where they rest on blocks without a connection to a foundation wall below, like their modular counterparts.

  3. It’s important to have enough protection to cover the cost of replacing your mobile or manufactured home and possessions in the event of the unexpected. The value of your personal property can add up quicker than you may think. Consider creating a room-by-room inventory to get a good idea of everything you own.

  4. No two homeowners are alike, which is why the cost of a manufactured or mobile homeowners policy is different for each person. Your zip code, home’s age and its unique structural features are just a few examples of things that can affect the cost of your policy — but you’ll likely be surprised at how affordable it ends up being!

    Visit our discounts page to see other ways to save on mobile and manufactured homeowners coverage. Contact an American Family Insurance agent to get a detailed quote for your manufactured or mobile home.

  5. Insurance companies build quotes for premiums based on several different aspects. Take a look online for a mobile home insurance cost calculator to help get an idea of what you can expect to pay for mobile homeowners insurance. Here are some of the mobile home insurance cost factors used to develop a price for coverage:

    • Your location
    • The size of your mobile home
    • The worth of the personal property on the property
    • Other insured structures
    • The age of your mobile home
    • Additional coverages you choose 
    • Your credit history

    Insurance companies build quotes for premiums based on several different factors. Take a look online for a mobile home insurance quote for an idea of what you can expect to pay.

  6. If the unexpected happens, we’ll be there every step of the way. Our industry-leading claims service is focused on helping you regroup and restore — with as little interruption as possible. Now, filing a claim has never been easier.

    We’ll be there every step of the way. Our industry-leading claims service is focused on helping you regroup and restore — with as little interruption as possible.

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We know you work hard to protect your mobile home. See which discounts you’re eligible for and make that protection even more affordable.

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*Maximum limit of $500 for renter insurance, condo insurance and manufactured home insurance.

All statements regarding insurance coverage are general descriptions. These statements do not add or modify any coverage under your insurance policy. If there is any difference in the description of the coverage/endorsement, the policy provisions will apply. Please review your policy or call your agent for information regarding coverage that may be available to you.

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