Riders and Endorsements: What are They?

When it comes to your protection, it helps to understand what your policy actually covers. And with all the confusing insurance jargon out there, that can be difficult. But we’re here to help! Let’s start by debunking the meaning behind “riders” and “endorsements”.

Simply put, a rider or endorsement is an add-on coverage to your insurance policy. These extra coverages allow us to build you a customized policy that fits your unique needs — because we believe no two dreamers are the same.

Still a bit fuzzy on the topic? Let us explain.

Take your home insurance for example. An American Family basic homeowners policy gives you a specific amount of personal property and liability protection, but what if your dreams go beyond that limit? What if you have a shed on your property, run a business from your home or collect fine art? You’ll want to make sure those dreams are protected too, and that’s where add-ons come in.

And they’re not just available for your home policy. No matter what dream you’re looking to protect, we can customize your coverage to make sure you’ve got the policy that’s right for YOU.

Now, how do you know if you need the added protection of a rider or endorsement?

Start by evaluating your current policy. Does it cover everything that matters most to you? If not, your agent is happy to help you build a more customized policy! They’ll help guide you through our endorsements and answer any questions. Connect with them today to get started.

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