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Sump Pump Coverage

Sewer Back-up and Sump Pump Overflow Coverage

Whether your basement is where you store your treasures or a finished space for entertaining and living, the right protection gives you peace of mind. Sewer back-up and sump pump overflow coverage is an added policy that puts your mind at ease. Here’s how.

Property Protection

Your sump pump is designed to remove excess water that accumulates in and around your home. If the system ever fails or the power goes out, water overflow may occur. And you're typically not covered for this type of damage with your homeowners insurance. Having sewer back-up and sump pump overflow coverage gives you that important layer of protection.

If you’ve invested in finishing your lower level, you know how important this extra space can be. It deserves customized protection that’s as unique as your home. This coverage completes the project and safeguards your investment from water damage in the event of sump pump overflow and sewer back-up.

Added Coverage, Extra Peace of Mind

Your household is made up of many moving parts, which is why we offer optional coverages for you to build a homeowners insurance policy that fits your unique needs. Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to see if sewer back-up or sump pump overflow coverage is right for your home. They’re ready to help you customize insurance for your home.