Is My Insurance Tornado-ready?

Tornadoes — powerful forces of nature that can blow in from nowhere, no matter where you live. But while you can’t stop Mother Nature, you can be ready for her. With some smart tornado safety prep, you and the people you love can weather the storm.

But what about your house, your car and all your other valuable stuff? Does your insurance coverage keep these things protected from the impact of a twister? The answers is — in most policies — yes. Unlike floods or earthquakes, tornadoes don’t require special coverage. That’s because the insurance industry classifies tornadoes as windstorms, and windstorms are covered by most insurance policies.

So, whether the damage is from the mighty winds or the driving rain, to your home or to your car, with the right insurance, you’re covered.

Your House and the Stuff Inside too

Tornadoes are no match for a well-built homeowners policy. Some do more than help you regroup and restore, they can even cover temporary housing expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. And the best policies don’t stop there. Personal property coverage protects the stuff on the inside, including TVs, furniture, laptops, collectibles, and more.

But What About Your Car?

Your poor car! It’s out there in the driveway, all alone, vulnerable to the full brunt of the wicked weather. But don’t feel too bad, because if you have comprehensive insurance, you’re four-wheeled friend will be just fine. You see, comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from the unexpected — and a tornado certainly lands on that list. And while comprehensive coverage is always a wise investment, in regions where tornadoes are common, it’s a must-have.

Feeling better about protecting what matters most from the twist of a tornado? We hope so. But if you have more questions about your policies and want to be 100% certain you’ve got the right protection, your American Family agent is always ready to help.

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