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7 Simple Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Having auto coverage makes you feel safer on the road — at least when it comes to your financial protection. And while that peace of mind comes with a price tag, there are many ways you can save money on that sense of security.

Your insurance company uses a number of factors to determine your rate, and though some of those factors are out of your control, here are some simple ways you can lower your auto insurance premium.

Dive into discounts. No matter where you purchase your car insurance coverage, you’ll want to ask about available discounts. Discounts are the easiest way for you to lower your insurance rate — and it’s really simple to get them! In fact, at American Family Insurance, we offer a discount simply for switching providers and choosing us as your insurance company. Learn about the various discounts you can receive as an American Family Insurance customer and bask in the bliss of your premium rate dropping.

Bundle and save. Do you have more than one policy protecting you? Most insurance companies offer savings when you “bundle” policies — like your auto and home insurance, auto and renters insurance, even auto and life insurance. Bundling makes things simpler for you, since you can make one convenient payment to protect what matters most to you.

Get to know KnowYourDrive. American Family Insurance offers a usage-based insurance program called KnowYourDrive. How does it benefit you? Basically, you’ll get a discount on your insurance premium based on how safe of a driver you are. When you sign up for the program, you’ll get a device that plugs in to your car, syncs with your smart phone and tracks how you drive. The better driving habits you have, the higher a discount you can receive. Here’s more about how KnowYourDrive helps you take control of your auto insurance.

*This coverage is not available in all states, please connect with your agent for more information.

Safety first. If your vehicle is equipped with safety features — like factory-installed airbags, dashboard cameras and more — you could get a seriously sweet discount on your policy. And, you may be eligible for a reduced premium rate for being a good driver with no accidents, violations or claims. It (literally) pays to be safe!

Take advantage of Autopay. Autopay is another effortless way for you to save on your premium — and it even helps you avoid late payment fees. You can opt for paperless billing, too, to secure some savings. Check and see if your insurance company offers a discount for enrolling in Autopay or going paperless. American Family Insurance sure does!

Pay in full. Want to shave some major bucks off your premium? Of course you do. Some companies will offer a full-pay discount when you pay your policy in full at the time of purchase.

Know what you need. You might not need particular coverages once your car reaches a certain age and value. Your insurance agent can work with you to help you determine the best coverages for your needs, but it’s important to know your stuff too, so you can be confident you’re not overpaying for insurance. For instance, do you need collision insurance on an older car? Maybe not. Do your research, ask your agent questions and know what you’re paying for on your policy.

The best way to save money on your auto insurance premium is by being informed and asking questions. At American Family Insurance, we want to help you understand your coverage and your savings options. Connect with an agent today to learn how you can get quality protection, discounts and peace of mind.

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