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Customize Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

When you’re looking for the best insurance policy for your home, you don’t want a standard out-of-the-box plan. You need a policy that protects your house, your valuables and your family from the unexpected — after all, you’re unique and so is the space you call home.

That’s where American Family Insurance comes in. Your agent is always ready to help you get the coverage and peace of mind you deserve. Ready to get started? Check out what coverage in your homeowners policy comes standard and how you can customize it.

What Does My Home Insurance Cover?

Insurance can be a confusing topic — and if you haven’t reviewed your insurance documents or talked to your agent lately, it’s easy to forget exactly what you’re covered for. Here’s what usually comes standard on an American Family homeowners insurance policy:

Property coverage. Your policy covers damage from fire, smoke, windstorms, hail, falling objects, lightning, theft, vandalism, water damage from plumbing, heating or cooling systems and damage from the weight of ice, snow or sleet.

It also includes personal property protection for your valuables — that’s coverage for all the items you have in your home such as furniture, appliances, electronics and clothing. It even covers expensive and hard-to-replace items like artwork, jewelry and collectibles.

You’ll get protection from other covered losses like the cost of debris removal and more — and while your home is being repaired, your alternate housing costs could be covered, too. Ask your agent for specific information on personal property coverage, your policy’s limits and what is considered a “covered loss.”

Liability coverage. Accidents happen. And as a homeowner, you could be held liable for injuries to guests on your property.

But don’t worry. Your homeowners policy can help provide financial protection against covered liability claims and lawsuits brought by others for accidental bodily injury or damage to their property caused by you, your children or your pets — things like injuries on your property, a stray baseball going through a neighbor’s window or a dog bite. Talk to your agent for more specifics on limits, deductibles and exclusions.

Confused about what is and isn’t covered in your policy? Check out all the ways homeowners liability insurance has your back.

Adding Other Weather-Related Coverages

Your policy doesn’t have to stop there — at American Family, there are tons of other ways to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. Let’s start with other coverages designed to protect you from destructive weather events:

Sump pump overflow and water backup coverage. If your sump pump overflows or your sewer system backs up and floods your basement, our water backup coverage can help you deal with the damage and get back to normal.

Roof coverage. Your policy comes with some roof coverage built-in, but you do have the option to add more. You’ll have one of two coverages for wind and hail damage: replacement cost value (RCV) roof coverage, which will pay you what it costs to replace your roof, taking a potentially large financial burden off your hands, or actual cash value (ACV) roof coverage, which will pay you what your roof is worth today. Talk to your agent about which type of roof coverage you have.

Matching siding coverage. In most cases, your homeowners insurance will cover damage from wind, hail, fire or a tornado to your home’s siding. However, it will only cover parts of your home that are damaged. If the same siding is no longer manufactured and a reasonable match may not be available, you could be out of luck. Matching siding coverage could reimburse you for up to $20,000 of the cost for replacing the remaining undamaged siding so everything matches.

Flood coverage. Did you know that most homeowners, renters or condo insurance policies don’t provide protection from flood damage, regardless of the insurance company? That’s why American Family offers flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. And even though you might not live in a flood plain or area that receives a lot of rain, your home could still be at risk for flooding.

Earthquake coverage. An earthquake can be damaging to your personal belongings, but it can be even more devastating to your actual home. That’s why American Family offers earthquake coverage as an add-on to your homeowners policy. It helps protect your home, personal property, garage, other structures on your property, as well as construction materials, fences, driveway, sidewalk and other permanently installed yard fixtures.

Other structures coverage. Other structures coverage covers things like detached garages, gazebos, sheds, swimming pools and fences. When you add coverage for these structures, they become covered for the same type of events your home is protected from.

Other Add-ons to Protect Your Property

Check out these other coverages designed to give you financial peace of mind in the event of the unexpected:

Home renovation insurance. Remodeling your home to fit your family’s specific wants and needs? No matter if you’re handling the renovations or a contractor is taking care of it, consider adding home renovation insurance to protect yourself from damage or theft of construction materials and foundation collapse.

Home-based business coverage. All businesses, whether they’re run out of an office or your home, need to be insured. Protect your home-based business with the property, liability and business-interruption coverage built into an American Family Insurance home business insurance policy.

Identity theft coverage. In today’s digital-heavy society, protecting yourself from identity thieves is more important than ever. American Family’s identity theft coverage helps you cover expenses such as legal fees, loan reapplication fees, lost wages and other costs relating to restoring your good name when the unexpected happens.

Your coverage also includes help from our partners at CyberScout through resolving unauthorized charges and fraudulent accounts. They’ll also help you work with third parties like law enforcement credit bureaus and collection agencies to cover all your bases during the process.

Credit monitoring. Identity theft insurance doesn’t prevent your identity from being stolen — that’s what monitoring your credit report is so important. We've partnered with CyberScout to give you easy access to their credit monitoring services, which can help you prevent, react and recover from the unexpected. It pairs seamlessly with our identity theft coverage to keep your credit, identity and data all in good shape.

Personal injury coverage. While this coverage sounds like it protects you from a physical injury, it’s actually got a different purpose. If you ever face a lawsuit for things like libel or slander, your personal injury coverage can help you pay your legal fees.

Nursing home and assisted living coverage. If a loved one moves into an assisted living facility, nursing home and assisted living coverage helps protect their personal belongings. If you and your loved one want to protect more than $15,000 in personal property, though, you should ask your agent about obtaining a renters policy.

Get Discounts on Your Homeowners Insurance

Customizing your homeowners insurance to fit your exact needs doesn’t just mean getting all the right coverages — it means paying the right price, too. Get the lowdown on American Family Insurance discounts:

Bundle your coverages. Have a car, motorcycle, boat or other insurance policy with another company? Switching to American Family and bundling your new coverages with your existing coverages can save you on your monthly premium!

Make your house a smart home. Want to make your life easier and save some money at the same time? Install smart home technology like smart home thermostats, digital key locks and video doorbells to make your home more efficient and safer.

Ask your agent about other discounts. There are many more insurance discounts that you could be taking advantage of — ask your America Family agent which ones you qualify for and put a little more money back in your pocket every month!

No matter if you have questions about your insurance policy, add-on coverages or ways you can save your money, your American Family Insurance agent is always ready. Get in touch today and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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