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Matching siding coverage

Matching Undamaged Vinyl or Metal Siding Coverage

You work hard to protect your home, but sometimes you’re still faced with unexpected challenges. For instance, if the vinyl or metal siding of your home gets damaged, finding replacement siding that’s a good match can be difficult.

That’s why it’s smart to consider adding American Family’s matching undamaged vinyl or metal siding coverage, so you can keep your home looking the way you want it to.

What is Undamaged Vinyl or Metal Siding Coverage?

Let’s say the siding on two sides of your home blew off during a wind storm. Sure, wind is a covered loss and your homeowners policy will help pay to replace the siding that’s damaged or missing. But here’s the dilemma — when you contact the siding manufacturer, you find out that they discontinued your original siding. Now, you have to choose a different type of siding and it doesn’t match!

This problem is more common than you’d think. That’s why we’re here to help you out, by offering our matching undamaged vinyl or metal siding coverage.

Here’s how it works. First, you’ll choose new siding for your entire home. As noted above, your homeowners policy will cover the cost replacing the damaged sections. And then if you have undamaged siding coverage, it’ll reimburse you for up to $20,000 of the costs for replacing the remaining undamaged siding so everything matches.

Happiness is a home with uniform, nice-looking siding.

Read more for other smart homeowners insurance tips and connect with your American Family Insurance agent to learn about adding matching undamaged vinyl or metal siding coverage to your homeowners policy — because when you work hard for your dream home, it should look exactly how you want it to.