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Earthquake Coverage

Earthquake Coverage

While you can’t plan for earthquakes, you can be prepared — and that can make all the difference in times of uncertainty! To be sure your dreams are always protected, American Family’s earthquake coverage can be a smart add-on to your existing home, condo or renters policy.

Here’s a peek at how our earthquake coverage works.

If You Own a Home

By adding earthquake coverage to your existing homeowners policy, you get an extra layer of protection that kicks in where your basic coverage ends. It helps protect:

  • Your home
  • Your garage or other structures on your property
  • Your fences, driveway, sidewalk and other permanently installed yard fixtures
  • Construction materials on your premises for use in your home
  • Your personal property

If You Own a Condo

Get extra protection that goes beyond your existing condo policy with earthquake coverage that protects:

  • Your condo unit (per your condo association rules)
  • Permanently installed fixtures and appliances
  • Your personal property

If You Rent

You may not own your home, but your belongings make it uniquely yours. Adding earthquake coverage to your existing renters policy can help with unexpected expenses like:

  • Replacing your personal property
  • Building additions and alterations made at your expense   

Preparing for the unexpected is a great way to ensure your hard-earned dreams will always be protected. Wondering whether adding earthquake coverage to your policy is smart for you? Your American Family agent is ready to help you explore what’s best for your life.

These summaries represent only a brief description of select coverages. Coverage features and limits vary by state. Some products are not available in every state. Your American Family Insurance agent can explain the best options for you.