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Homeowners Insurance Coverage

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Standard Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Get coverage for you, your home and your personal property.
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What does standard homeowners insurance cover?

Standard Homeowners Insurance Coverage*

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Coverage for Your Home

Dwelling coverage (Coverage A) protects your home – think roof, walls, floor, siding and windows.
A windstorm sends a tree crashing onto your roof. This portion of your standard homeowners insurance policy helps you cover some of the repair costs.
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Coverage for Other Structures

Other structures coverage (Coverage B) protects structures such as detached garages, sheds, fences or pools.
The new shed you built in your yard is damaged in a storm. This portion of your homeowners insurance can help you cover some of the damages up to your policy limits. You have the option to add more coverage if you would like.
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Coverage for Your Things

Personal property coverage (Coverage C) helps replace or repair items such as clothing, jewelry, appliances, furniture and electronics.
Your home suffers a fire with extensive damage to your personal property and valuables. This portion of your homeowners insurance helps you repair and replace them.
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Coverage for Living Expenses

Loss of use coverage (Coverage D) helps pay for expenses such as hotel stays and food should your home become unlivable.
Your house is damaged in a fire, and you must move out while it's fixed. This portion of your homeowners insurance policy can help you pay for expenses such as accommodations and food costs.*
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Coverage When Accidents Happen

Personal liability (Coverage E) provides financial protection for property damage and injury to others.
A guest injures themselves on your property while visiting; this coverage can help provide you with some financial protection from costs that may occur as a result.*

Home Insurance Add-Ons

Need more coverage? Our homeowners insurance is customizable to fit your unique needs. Here are a few of our optional add-on coverages to consider.
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Add-Ons for More Events & Parts of Your Home

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Add-Ons Based on How You Use Your Home

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Add-Ons for Personal Property & Identity


Check out our Personalized Coverage Assistant or talk to an agent for guidance on which standard and additional coverages are right for your home.

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